Thursday, May 3, 2012

Marvel comic quilt [continued]

The backing fabric for my Marvel comic quilt arrived last week and I got down to basting and quilting. I used Pellon Natural One 100% cotton batting instead of the usual Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting. It had a real nice and light feel to it and I thought it would make a great summer quilt. The finished quilt feels very soft and drapes real well. 
On the flip side it produced a lot of lint. I had to sweep the room after I was done and had to clean the machine a few times before I was done quilting. The lint was particularly visible against the black fabric. I am not sure if the picture below correctly reflects to the amount of lint produced. I wonder if it will hold up well after a few washes? Has anyone used this batting before? Please let me know what you think?

A close up of the lint

Made a nice little label too.
I decided to do straight line quilting 2 inches apart. This does not take away from the quilts soft feel. I will use more dense quilting on the next project. I have finished the quilt but it's been raining the past few days and haven't got a chance to take pictures outside. The pictures inside the house don't come out too well so will have to wait a few days to post the pictures of the completed quilt.

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