Saturday, April 21, 2012

Marvel comic quilt top completed

Just completed the Marvel comic quilt top. It turned out a bit serious looking IMO but hey this is really not my style and I am trying to flex to please a to be 5 year old. I decided to use Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen in Straw and Charcoal instead of Kona solids as it gives a bit more texture than a flat color. I think I prefer these to solids and ordered a few more yards in different colors. Here is the quilt top.

For the back I put together a panel of my Kapow blocks. I ran out of the Straw colored linen fabric, have ordered more, but till it arrives I have to twiddle my thumbs. Can't wait to get this done.

Lastly created binding for the quilt. I think this will frame the quilt nicely and add some much needed color on the edges.

More here: blocks

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