Friday, September 30, 2011

My first sewing project

I have never really used a sewing machine as a way to unleash my creativity but there is always a first time. My only recollections of anything sewing related is the image of my mum on a 1970s Brother sewing machine. Armed with some basic observed knowledge and the power of internet let's see how far I can get before I can be deemed as an acceptable seamstress.
Created my very first dress...mightl fit a 6 or 7 year old I think. Used McCall design pattern M6388. The journey from start to end was long and interesting. What would take a trained professional 1/2 an hour to sew took me over 2 weeks. This included buying the sewing machine, choosing the pattern, selecting the fabric and cutting and piecing. I must have spent about 2 days locating and exploring the fabric store. It was completely overwhelming. 
After much thought I picked a bright floral coudroy from the local Fabricland store. The cloth texture made it much easier to cut and sew.

Anyway here you go.