Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rope Bowls

I have been meaning to give rope bowls a try since I saw them on Instagram. I follow @gemmapatford and love how she embellishes them. Inspired by her I finally got some regular 100% cotton clothesline and got started. 

First attempted a bowl with self colored thread.

Second I attempted a dish but this time I used a rayon embroidery thread in a very mild seafoam color. It gives the bowl a mild colored sheen.

I would highly recommend trying one out for yourself as they are relatively easy to make. 
Materials needed:

- 1 pack of 100% cotton clothes line (I made 1 bowl and 1 dish from one pack)
- Thread - color of your choice
- Zigzag foot

On my Bernina, I used stitch #2 and increased the stitch width to 4. You can adjust the stitch length to give the desired density of color, in case you are using a colored thread. Shorter stitch will make the bowl more stiff and produce more color. Longer stitch will have the opposite effect.

At the start roll the rope a few times, pin it and then zig-zag over it. This probably is the most tricky part. After you have secured the initial shape it goes very smoothly.

The key is to keep the center of the zigzag foot aligned to the seam so that the zigzag stitch catches both sides securely.

Once the flat base is done, you have to lift the base to give it the desired shape.

I even managed to curve the bowl in from the top. I added a few handmade kitchen towels using toweling available from Moda fabrics and turned it into a gift for my aunt. She absolutely loved it.

Now that I have figured out how to make a basic rope bowl I would like to attempt more complex shapes. That is next on my list!