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I grew up watching my mum sew, knit, crochet and embroider. She was never afraid to try her hand at anything which included marble printing, cross stitch, tapestry, macrame, tatting and lace making. Our house was filled with items made by her and most of our wardrobe consisted of things sewn or knit by her. She taught me all of what she knew even when I did not show must inclination for it. 

I also grew up in a part of India which is well known for its handwoven textiles, block printing, tie and dye, embroidery and the list could go on. I always loved to go fabric/saree shopping with my mum. Going to fabric market with piles of vibrantly colored fabric always ignited my imagination. I loved the colors, the textures, all of it.

Between then and now life happened and my love for fabric lay dormant. Finally in the fall of 2011 I bought my first sewing machine and began sewing. This is when I coined the name for my blog 'Let's begin sewing...'. I wasn't sure where I was headed but wanted to get started. Soon after I discovered modern quilting. I had used Kantha quilts growing up and this just brought back memories. I immediately took to quilting and realized I had found something of interest.

I started this blog as a means to connect with the online modern quilting community and has been a fun journey. I have been inspired by a lot of friends along the way and learnt a great deal. I am not sure where I am headed with this but am not worrying too much about it for now. I am in the present, learning new skills, creating memories and enjoying every moment of it.

Thank you for reading this and hope you enjoy my blog!


Quilt Care Instructions
All quilts are made with natural cotton fibers.
For continued care: Machine wash the quilt on gentle cycle in cold water, line or machine dry on low heat setting. If the quilt is not pre-washed it will wrinkle after first wash. Do not use harsh washing detergents or bleach based products.

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