Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quilting Bee

I love the idea of a quilting bee and the collaborative concept behind it. This year I am part of two quilting bees. One hosted by our quilt guild and recently joined a virtual quilting bee (Scrap-Bee-Licious) both of which I am super excited about. We have already made a few blocks for bee members in the quilt guild and it was interesting to see how quickly a quilt top comes together when there are so many helping hands.

This is the line up for the Scrap-Bee-Licious bee. 

And oh we even have a button.


  1. Yay quilting bees. I'd love to see some pics of what your guild is making! I already started Ashley's blocks for this month they are super fun :)

  2. So glad you joined our bee, Rachel! I am so excited to see what we can make together. Collaboration makes for some amazing quilts. I just saw one at guild today that was a hated-WIP that got passed from person to person to person, and the last person finally made it into something amazingly cool. Many hands make better work.


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