Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dead Air....

This blog has been ignored just like my sewing for a few months now. The move has had it's share of surprises and frustrations. Re-establishing routines, down sizing, Last but not the least, a steep learning curve at my day job. All these things have taken up much of my energy and attention. 

In the meantime to satisfy my quilty cravings I have
  • Connected with Seattle MQG. A very fun bunch of quilters. Can't wait to get more involved with the on going activities. I have been to two meetings now and have been blown away by the quilts I have seen so far.  
  • Been reading a lot of quilting books. I am now itching to make some items from them. Some of the ones I really liked are:
  • I have been also been keeping up with my Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) exercises. I haven't been posting my designs as this has turned into more of an experiment for me. I have been playing a lot with color and form. I will probably write up a few posts on what I have learned so far.  I have also gotten more comfortable with Electric Quilt Design Software (EQ6). It has some quirks but I think I am getting a lot more comfortable with it.
Leaving off with some of my recent experiments.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Connecting from the left coast....

After agonizing over the impending move from NJ to WA for a few months now, I am finally here in Seattle, WA trying my best to settle in, feel at home and make new friends. It's been a roller coaster of emotions along with a lot of planning and hard work. Oh well change is for the better right??? 

For now, I only have the essentials for daily living with me here in Seattle and it does not include a sewing machine. No, it did not make it on my list of essentials, blasphemy!! In the meanwhile to satisfy my quilty cravings I started an EPP project. This pattern is called Spring Carnival by Katy Jones. She has templates available on her website for download. I walked over to the nearest fabric store and bought a yard each of black and white text fabric and began putting the pieces together. I love the dramatic contrast of the two fabrics.

I am planning to turn this into a pillow but can't make up my mind if I should go with a dark or light background. Please help! Which would you prefer? Or should I pick something different all together?

On another note I joined the QDAD group started by Anne Sullivan of Play-Crafts. I decided to give original quilt design a chance and see where it takes me. I am not sure if I can commit to a design a day but even if I get 1-2 a week I would be happy. Persistence is key. Here are my first two designs. I don't know how to get rid of the grid lines in EQ7 so the patterns don't look as pretty but gives a good idea of how it can be constructed because of the visible lines.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Greek Cross Quilt done!!!!

The Greek Cross block has always seemed very bold and definitive to me so when I needed to make a quilt for a teenage boy who is in a rock band, it was the first block that came to mind. I tried to make it as masculine as possible in the hope it will get used. I bust out my stack of Curious Nature by Parson Gray and picked only the blue and gray fabrics from the line. For the background I picked Quilter's Linen in Stone. I love the textured look. 

Blocks were very easy to make. I even have a tutorial on the sameThe quilt top came together relatively easily. 

For the backing I decided to give it a music theme. I used Concerto Orchestra Stripe White and Concerto G-Cleff White/Black from Bernatex Fabrics. The recipient plays keyboards so I thought this fit in nicely. Pretty masculine print IMO.

Keeping in the same vein I quilted it using a boxy pattern with gray thread. Curves come more easily to me so it was a challenge to quilt the sharp corners. However I found that if I hesitated a bit at each turn I achieved the required look. Thanks Angela Walters for the tip. I think her workshop was one I learnt a lot from. 

In the close up you can see that the gray fabric in the two blocks differ slightly in color. Well I ran out of the Quilter's linen and had to order more and found that the shade was not exactly the same. Different dye lot. Lesson learned for next time. Stock up on the fabric before starting a quilt. Oh well I hope after a few washes the difference will be less apparent.

Lastly for the binding I used a Spider Web in black from Northcott Fabrics. It frames the quilt nicely.

I was thinking of going all cross bones and skulls on the quilt but I think this is a happy medium where both the kid and parents would be happy. Quilts for boys are always so hard.

At times I really drag my feet on a project. This was one of those. I had less than 2 square feet of quilting left and had folded the unfinished quilt and put it away.  Finally decided to finish it and call it a day.

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