Sunday, May 22, 2016

AMH Feather Bee Quilt

In January of 2014 I had requested AMH feather blocks in jewel tone colors from my bee mates as part of the Scrapbeelicious bee. I promptly received the blocks by fall of that year, however the completion of the project was put on the back burner. This year as I tackle my ever growing WIP list, it was time to see this project to completion.

I decided to align the blocks in the center of the quilt and add low volume fabric on the sides to get to a respectable full size bed quilt. 

I had two extra blocks which I adjusted on the back with assorted low volume fabrics from my stash.

For the quilting, I fell back on my go to square stipple pattern. I love the texture it produces. It covers the quilt quite densely but at the same time leaves it soft enough for everyday use.

 A scrappy quilt calls for scrappy binding. This was a great opportunity to use up my collection of leftover binding from the previous quilts. Unfortunately I still have enough to bind a few more quilts. :)

I love how the feathers pop in the neutral background. While I was taking pictures of the quilt my neighbor even commented that from a distance it looked as if the feathers were stuck on the wall as the background blend with the exterior paint color. Hmm maybe I should convince them they need a mural on their wall. ;)

This quilt has a great homey feel to it and look forward to snuggling under it while I remember all the lovely quilty friends who made it possible. Very thankful for each one of you.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Sunburst - Double Take

My sister-in-law asked me if I could make her some custom table mats. A quick quilting project is hard to resist. I have been seeing the Sunburst pattern by Yvonne of Qulting Jetgirl a lot since it was on the cover of QuiltCon 2016 magazine. My sis-in-law likes warm colors so I decided to make it in a different color way.

The mats needed to be 29" x 19" in size so I had to scale down the pattern. Once I determined that the smallest square would be 2" x 2" finished, the rest of the pieces were easy to size. I used four different shades of Kona cotton - Corn Yellow, Papaya, Tangerine and Red. For the background I used yarn dyed Essex in Sand. I would have liked a little more contrast between the Tangerine and Red but I was trying to stick to my stash.

Once I constructed the block, centering it to a 29" x 19" background was the hardest part. With a bit of persistence I managed.

I decided to quilt with simple straight lines echoing the piecing and went with a self colored binding.

For the backing I used a much hoarded print from Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt.

All in all hope she likes it as it will part of their decor for a while.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rope Bowls

I have been meaning to give rope bowls a try since I saw them on Instagram. I follow @gemmapatford and love how she embellishes them. Inspired by her I finally got some regular 100% cotton clothesline and got started. 

First attempted a bowl with self colored thread.

Second I attempted a dish but this time I used a rayon embroidery thread in a very mild seafoam color. It gives the bowl a mild colored sheen.

I would highly recommend trying one out for yourself as they are relatively easy to make. 
Materials needed:

- 1 pack of 100% cotton clothes line (I made 1 bowl and 1 dish from one pack)
- Thread - color of your choice
- Zigzag foot

On my Bernina, I used stitch #2 and increased the stitch width to 4. You can adjust the stitch length to give the desired density of color, in case you are using a colored thread. Shorter stitch will make the bowl more stiff and produce more color. Longer stitch will have the opposite effect.

At the start roll the rope a few times, pin it and then zig-zag over it. This probably is the most tricky part. After you have secured the initial shape it goes very smoothly.

The key is to keep the center of the zigzag foot aligned to the seam so that the zigzag stitch catches both sides securely.

Once the flat base is done, you have to lift the base to give it the desired shape.

I even managed to curve the bowl in from the top. I added a few handmade kitchen towels using toweling available from Moda fabrics and turned it into a gift for my aunt. She absolutely loved it.

Now that I have figured out how to make a basic rope bowl I would like to attempt more complex shapes. That is next on my list!

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