Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Denyse Schmidt fabric

I have heard and seen so much of Denyse Schmidt's work that it's hard to not be influenced by her. Her quilts looks so much more mature and professional than the cutesy dabbling that beginners like me indulge in. However when it came to her fabric I always thought it looked very retro, something that my grand mom would pick out from a fabric lineup. On a recent visit to Joann's fabric store I picked out the range of DS Quilt fabrics and got a few pieces from her collection. I got them home and looked at them more closely and realized they are timeless rather than retro. The more I looked at them the more I liked them. Here is the set I picked out.

Of them, these are my favorite

These would even make great dresses for a little girl. Maybe I should get more from her recently reprinted collection.

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  1. I love the set you picked out. I also discovered DSQuilts a few years ago and I do have quite a bit. The Chicopee collection is one of my favorites, almost makes you not want to cut it up!!


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