Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tag Blanket Tutorial

Last week while making the tag blanket I put together a quick tutorial. It's so simple to make yet adorable. 

First up a few simple rules to follow when making items for a baby

  • Prewash all the fabric
  • Use non-toxic ribbons
  • Don't keep the loops too large that a baby's appendage may get caught

1) Cut two 10.5" x 10.5" squares one from flannel or cotton fabric and the other from minky. 

2) Gather assorted ribbon packs and cut little pieces of varying lengths. Pin them to the right side of the fabric as shown below. Distribute them around the edge of the fabric.

3) Place the minky right side down on the fabric and pin it as shown below.

4) Flip it over to ensure there are no folds and its all lined up. It will look crinkly but don't worry about it. It's the minky.

5) Stitch all around leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Stitch with the minky on top so that it does not get caught in the feed dogs.

6) Leave a small opening to turn the blanket inside out as shown below.

6) Clip the corners to reduce bulk.

7) Once reversed pin the opening and top stitch around the blanket once again.

8) And it's done.

Realization: not all projects have to be laborious. Simple can be fun.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I was just thinking the other day about wanting to make a tag blanket. This is a wonderful tutorial!

  2. This is a great tutorial! My friend is about to have a baby and you have inspired me to make one for her!


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