Sunday, March 31, 2013

A new quilter

A while back I was helping one of my friends create a T-Shirt quilt to commemorate her swimming accolades. You can read about it here. We have finally basted the quilt but quilting it is going to be a task. Well that's something we have been dragging our feet on and I take 100% of the blame on that. But not to digress... yesterday she came over to spend the day and out of the blue she showed me this.

I was blown away. Apparently she took all the leftovers from the T-Shirt quilt and made this really nice throw quilt. It's reversible, the back looks similar to the front. I absolutely love the color distribution. I am proud of her for doing such a great job of it. It's pieced neatly without any interfacing. So I am glad to say we have one more quilter in our ranks, hopefully she will find her way through many more quilts. As for me I must help her finish her T-Shirt quilt.


  1. How fun is that?! It looks great!

  2. That's so cool! It's so fun when friends pick up quilting (and are also quite good!!)

  3. She has an eye for style! Great quilt!


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