Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finally something for me

I have been sewing a lot in the past year but everything I've made has been given away as gifts, nothing for myself. Over summer I have seen quite a few bloggers create the Tova Top by Wiksten and decided to make one for myself. Bought the pattern online and printed it out on my home printer. Can't beat instant gratification.

Since I was sewing it for the first time picked a fabric I would get too torn up about if things didn't go well. I had this very fine sheer 100% cotton fabric that was given to me which I thought would work well for this design. A few long hours later...

Once done I felt the back was a bit loose for my wiry frame so added two darts along the back. Not sure if you can see them running along the back in the picture below. I am also long limbed so need to make the sleeves a few inches longer next time. I don't mind this length but it supposed to be 3 quarter length sleeve. Except for these two minor points it fit quite well. 

By the end of the day I was exhausted from shuffling between the mirror and sewing machine. Had to try it on a few times to ensure I got a proper fit. Note to self: when sewing garment for oneself must get assistant. The pattern calls for a serger, I don't have one so used the overcast stitch on the machine. Also had to reduce the presser foot pressure down to 0 to prevent the fabric from ruffling.

A little trivia: I am not a fabric expert and usually can't tell types of fabric except the most common. I found this useful link. Hmm...I still can't tell what type of fabric I used. :)

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