Saturday, July 7, 2012

Needle case

This may seem like a simple needle case to everyone but to me it is a showcase of a lot of different things. There is an embroidery swap at my local quilt guild so decided to make an embroidered needle case. 

I have always wanted to take something traditional and make it modern. I am not good at it but here is my attempt. I took a very traditional embroidery pattern mainly used by tribal Indian folks and decided to give it a modern take. You cannot vary the embroidered motif itself but I used a plain single colored DMC Perle, size 5 cotton thread to give it a modern feel. I used this tutorialKudos to this blog for painstakingly documenting the patterns and tutorials which otherwise would be real hard to get. The motif is a bit involved and I am a bit rusty with the technique but with some effort I managed. The hardest part was transferring the pattern on the fabric. I tried white transfer paper without much success, then eventually traced the motif on a see-through paper, embroidered the housing for the embroidery and then peeled off the paper. It was a lot of effort. In India, you can go to a shop where they will transfer the design for you for a very minimal fee. I miss the little things.

Embroidery in progress

After the embroidery was complete, I set about making the needle case. I based it on this tutorial. I added a few little details to the case. Tried a bit of hand quilting. Made a fabric covered button. These are so easy to make I wonder why I used any other kind of button. Added press buttons to the inside pocket to hold the contents securely in place. This was the final outcome.


  1. Could you use a light box and water soluable maker to trasfer the design? It looks like really small detailed lines. Fons and Porter sells a fine tip mechanical pencil that might work well. A light box can be made with a light and a clear storage tote, I've taped my design and fabric to a window and let the sunshine do all the work. Your case turned out beatiful the hand work is lovely!

  2. I will take a look at the fine tip mechanical pencil. I definitely need to make the transfer process easier.


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