Thursday, November 24, 2011

One more baby trouser

I remember wearing trousers like this as a kid and have been thinking about making one for a while. This time I tried making it with denim. Broke a few needles in the process. Either I am not using the right size needle or the machine is not good at handling this type of sturdy material. Did I mention before that I use a low end Brother sewing machine that I bought off eBay. It has done a great job so far. No complaints. A bad carpenter blames his tools as my grandmother would say. Anyway hope this keeps my little niece warm through winter.
Trouser outside

Trouser inside

Close up of the detail

A few things are apparent..I did not consider the direction of the print when cutting the second leg of the flannel fabric inside.  I like the way the detailing came out. So simple yet effective.

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