Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hashtag quilt - I

Lately I have been trying to see if I can finish up some WIPs in the interest of reducing the clutter in my sewing room. Some of these WIPs are over two years old. These quilts were started around the same time as the Greek Cross quilt when I was on a quick and easy quilt making spree. However after some initial piecing only the Greek Cross quilt really kept my interest and the rest fell wayside. I picked the quilts up again and decided to finish them. 

All of these quilts are extremely quick to put together and can be chain pieced
followed by a ton of ironing. I must have used 10+ yards of Kona white in the process. A color I rarely use nowadays. One thing I noticed about quilts with a stark white background is that they photograph really well.

First up the little hashtag quilt. I was sweating the binding fabric, but lesson learnt "never underestimate your stash". Upon searching I found a candy stripe fabric in salmon that matched perfectly with the rest of the fabric. I can't recall ever buying this fabric but it's Clown Stripe in Coral from Michael Miller. I was glad I stashed when I did as it is an odd shade that would have been difficult to source at this time.

I had a few left over blocks that I put together for the back. A bit too bright for my current taste but I think it would make an adorable quilt for a baby girl. For quilting I echoed the block seams on the front and it gives a nice texture to the quilt.


  1. I love the simplicity of this quilt and the binding you chose. Even though the colors are not yours it has a Rachel aesthetic. Great work!

  2. Super cute and I LOVE that Clown Strip as a binding - my favorite stripe! Good for you for working through those wips!


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