Saturday, November 28, 2015

Falling Triangles Quilt - II

With the blues and greens I made a second falling triangles quilt. This one will go to the sibling of the recipient of the pink one in my previous post. He is too small to appreciate the quilt but I am sure his mom will. :)

For the back I used left over scraps from various quilts I have made. I have been really living up #sewmystash2015. 

I quilted it with a square meander for a more masculine look. I think sharp edged quilting goes better with quilts for boys. Maybe I am gender biased. :)

Binding is an orange peel Alexander Henry fabric I bought a while back and never found a good use for it till now. 

That is the last of the five WIPs I finished in the month of November. Words cannot describe how relieved I am to have a fewer boxes of unfinished projects laying around. If I can finish a few more, I might actually be able to think in my sewing space once again. The biggest holiday gift to myself this year would be a clutter free sewing room....till I am back to square one a year later! 

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