Monday, November 9, 2015

Hashtag Quilt Tutorial

Ironically I even had a half written post with the Hashtag quilt tutorial from way back. I decided to spruce it up and publish it nevertheless. 

There are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make a Hashtag block, but the focus of this one is specifically on how to assembly line the process. You can sew similar seams in one batch, iron and return for the next batch of seams. If you are a confident beginner, you can literally skip the ironing and just finger press the seams as needed.

Each hashtag block is made from 2.5" strips. You can even use a jelly roll.

Step 1: Cut 2.5" strips from the printed and background fabric

Step 2: Strip piece the fabrics in an alternating manner as shown below.

Step 3: Cut 2.5" vertical strips. (I stopped to iron the seams before this step.)

Step 4: Strip piece the printed fabric to these sections.

 Step 5: Repeat the same for the other side of the printed fabric. You have to be careful to align the horizontal pieces so that they form a straight line. I eyeballed this by laying the pieces so they are aligned as shown in red and then pinned the seam.

Step 6: Add one more strip of the printed fabric to each block. Again you have to carefully align the horizontal pieces to form a straight line. You will get better at this once you have sewn a few blocks.

Step 7:  Done and on to ironing.

Within no time I had a bunch of blocks done.

Once you have determined the layout even piecing the top together is breeze. All it requires is chain piecing the blocks to sashing. I used 2.5" strips as sashing.

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