Saturday, November 21, 2015

Falling Triangles Quilt - I

Earlier this year I won a bundle of novelty print fat quarters from The Electric Quilt Company. When it arrived, I realized that the fabrics are not what I would normally use but work well for a kid. Around the same time I had seen this tutorial by Missouri Quilt Company called the 'Falling Triangles Quilt'. Seemed easy enough.

I divided the fabric into blues and pinks and had enough to make two quilts. First up the pink quilt.

I am loving Abby as a prop for these pics. She keeps it interesting!
For the back once again I hit up my stash. It never disappoints. I am glad I am finally putting all my fabric to use.

I quilted it using a simple meander. When I look back at the pictures of my first quilt with meander quilting I realized how much I have improved. It has definitely become one of my go to FMQ patterns. Quick and gives an amazing texture to the quilt.

The binding is left over fabric from one of my early quilts too.

I already have a little girl in mind for this quilt and she is going to be one happy kid this Christmas.


  1. Very sweet, and in the end, just perfect!

  2. How are you making so many quilts so fast!?! I love the colors in this one!

  3. Cheerful fabrics and a fun pattern.

  4. The Falling Triangles pattern works so well with these prints, and I think anyone would be thrilled to receive this quilt as a gift. :)

  5. Love the way the Falling Triangles 'float'. (Mmm, tricking the eye. All the fun.) Looks wonderful!

  6. I love your quilt, and that is the perfect binding! I have not used that pattern but have used others from MSQC-I am working on the disappearing hourglass right now.

  7. This is a great pattern. Thanks for the tip. It's bright and cheerful.


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