Thursday, July 17, 2014

Riding The Wave Of Optimism - MQG Challenge Quilt

Early one morning at work I heard the phrase "Riding the wave of optimism" and it really stuck in my head. I kept trying to envision what a wave of optimism would look like. A few days later I came across this image and to me it symbolized the phrase. A nice big colorful wave symbolizing optimism and the little sailboat riding it in the hope to make it through. 

My quilt for Michael Miller MQG challenge is based on this image. I used the "made fabric" concept by Victoria Findlay-Wolfe which was then cut up into a wave shape backed by some Pellon fusible interfacing. I appliqued the wave using a straight stitch and tiny zigzag stitch for the other pieces. 

For the background I used the same "made fabric" concept with shades of blue to give it some subtle variation instead of a print fabric.

The vertical straight line quilting symbolizes falling rain but I don't know if it comes across that way. 

Finally I found a perfect Michael Miller print for the binding. The colors blend perfectly with the rest of the quilt giving it some definition. This quilt is again unlike anything I have made before but oh well what was that saying about trying new things......;)

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  1. Love how different this quilt is from your usual (not that your other quilts are all one style either but there you go). The quilting looks great - I definitely think it looks like rain! And that picture was just asking to be made into a quilt!

  2. that is fabulous! I love the way you've taken the inspiration picture and translated it to fabric

  3. It's neat how you get a sense of movement in the wave from the different fabrics. The quilting definitely looks like rain to me too!

  4. ooh that is very very cool! Well done! Great creativity!

  5. What a wonderfully talented lady you are!!! I would love to do something like this. I love it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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