Sunday, July 27, 2014

One of my early quilts

This quilt top dates back to Sept. of 2011 when I initially started sewing and quilting. I was not yet introduced to designer fabric and was a frequent visitor to the local Michael's for fabric. I was not a big fan of the fabric to begin with and abandoned the quilt top as soon as I discovered better fabric. However while packing I came across the quilt top and decided to go ahead and finish it anyway. Maybe it could be a charity quilt or I could give it to someone who likes it. 

It is always good to look back and see how far you've come. Also are there folks there who abandoned working on the quilt tops because they fell out of love with the fabric? I would love to see the unfinished quilt tops. Do you plan to finish it some day?


  1. Pretty design! I think it's a great idea to finish what you started, I have a few of those - abandoned because I did not like them when complete...

  2. Ooh! Love this (even in Michaels fabrics!). I have a few fabrics that I don't love anymore but no quilt tops luckily!

  3. I think you should finish it. It is always gratifying to finish things. Donate it and make someone happy. I've been organizing leftover blocks and fabric to do the same. I'm very fortunate in life and am trying to pass some if that fortune on.

  4. Just saw this post but wanted to comment anyway. You can use an unloved quilt top for a quilt BACK, and then you have a great story as well as saving money. Some day down the road you may love that quilt again. Two quilts for the price of one and no waste!


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