Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence but with the impending move, sewing has become wishful thinking for me. I try to snatch a few minutes here and there to sew. Most of the paraphernalia is in boxes and can't find half my notions. Anyway it's been over a month since my last post so thought I would quickly drop in and say what I have had a chance to work on.

I am participating in the Supernova Friendship Block Swap along with Heather from Quilts In The Queue and these were the blocks for June. I am already late for July. I love how the blocks look placed side by side.

I also finished a block for Stephanie at Simple Sewendipity for the Scrapbeelicious bee. She had asked for the little vines block by Elizabeth Hartman. Love how they turned out and so quick to make.

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  1. Living out of boxes is never fun. Hope your move goes smoothly. As always your blocks are beautiful. Even though I don't care for purple I love the colors in the first supernova block.

  2. Don't worry I'm late for July too ;) I'm going to work on mine this weekend. Moving stinks and is crazy but it will all be over one day!

  3. Thanks for taking a picture of these together! I did get yours in the mail the other day - I did something a little different this time (hope you like it)!

    Good luck with the move - I moved about 3 miles down the road in December and it was a bit pain - can't imagine cross country!


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