Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Other Side of the Quilt

This post is for an interesting link up at SwimBikeQuilt. It's all about showing off the back of the quilt which for the most part goes unnoticed. If you are like me, I need to see the back. It kills me when I don't know what the back of a quilt looks like. There is a Flickr group called 'Quilt Backs' that I peruse often. Lots of good ideas there too.

Here is a look at backs of some of my quilts:

Improv back for the flying geese quilt

Improv quilt back

Wonky cross quilt back

FMQ quilt back, this is very plain. Since this was my first FMQ quilt I cleverly chose a fabric that would hide the flaws.

Stacked coin quilt back, that piece was just for effect. I had enough blue fabric to cover the back.

Marvel Comic quilt back. Worked hard on this. I actually came up with a block that I called the Kapow block. It has partial seams.

Kitchen Window quilt. I auditioned a ton of fabrics for the back and then settled on flannel with saturated colors.

Lastly my first quilt made with a jelly roll. I used the little endings to create two strips for the back. Talk about using every little bit.

Now that was a good trip down memory lane.

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