Monday, January 26, 2015

Spring Carnival Cushion Cover

This is only the third cushion cover I have made. I started the EPP in August and then put it away. The excuse was that I was not very pleased with my choice of background fabric. However, I could not come up with anything better and decided to just finish it.

I went out of my comfort zone and decided to add piping. It frames the pillow nicely.

In case you were wondering I used Dritz Home 3/16" cable cord and the fabric strip was 1.5" wide. The zipper foot works nicely for this. The pillow is 20" x 20" so the thicker piping works well. For a smaller pillow I would use a thinner piping.

The 1" x 1" quilting gives it some added firmness.

And now for the flip side. If you observe the first picture carefully you will notice I did not place the EPP piece in the center of the background. #*^$*#!!!!
I cut off more from the top than the bottom and only noticed it after the pillow was completed. The perils of late night sewing after you have had a long day at work.


  1. This is very nice and personally I love the background fabric. I also really like the look your quilting gave the cushion. Nice!

  2. Love your pillow! And I never would have noticed your 'mistake' if you hadn't pointed it out.

  3. It looks wonderful! Aren't quilting mistakes supposed to be intentional to remind us that although life isn't perfect, it is beautiful?

  4. It's hardly noticeable now that you mention it. Really! The fabrics together are fantastic. Love!

  5. Visiting from Fabric Tuesday! I really like this pillow and even the background fabric. I wouldn't doubt this at all... great EPP!

  6. Your EEP 'misplacement' just gives your pillow and up or a down side - you could pretend it was intentional.
    I like your design, very striking with the fabrics you have chosen and I think the background fabric works well. The piping does indeed set it off perfectly.

  7. i've been working with this same epp pattern but in a different fabric value layout. i love how it looks with just the two fabrics! it's so clean and crisp, which makes for a very nice cushion.

  8. I can't see the mistake, looks great to me!

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