Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Quilting Miscellany

Last few weeks have been a flurry of miscellaneous quilting activities. I was behind on a lot of small items that needed my attention.

Firstly I finished the last two blocks for Stephanie at Quarter Incher for the Scrapbeelicious bee that I was a part of last year. I did not get to these blocks before my move and then got side tracked with other things. Anyway I finally hunkered down and finished them. They are tiny 3" paper pieced geese using a template created by Cath at Wombat Quilts. I love how they turned out. I am sure her quilt is going to be amazing.

That concludes all the bee blocks from last year. Having been part of two bees now I have some thoughts on the block selection for a bee which I will dedicate a separate post to. Here are some of my initial thoughts on collaborative quilts.

As part of Seattle MQG  five year celebration, there is an exhibit of the quilts by guild members hosted at Island Quilter in Vashon Island called 'My Modern'.
I took a trip to Vashon to see the exhibit and for me it was quite an outing. It involved getting on the ferry which is always a fun event. I was the first to board and got a lovely view from the comfort of my car. Here are a few pics from my trip.

My time at the exhibit was a bit hurried as I had to rush to catch the ferry back however Debbie from A Quilter's Table has a good coverage of all the quilts on her blog. Please stop by and check out all the lovely quilts that were at the exhibit. 

There are a few other things I am working on at the moment. Hopefully I will get around to blog about them soon or you can follow my feed on IG (liketosew).

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  1. Yay for catching up on bee blocks! Glad you got to see the SMQG exhibit and thanks for the shout-out!

  2. Your flying geese blocks are gorgeous! That's a lot of work! Whoever gets them is very lucky! I like the no waste, where you make 4 flying geese at a time. I'm getting better so they don't usually turn out wonky.


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