Sunday, January 25, 2015


Feels good to finally complete one of my very old UFOs. This is probably the first fabric I bought before I discovered designer fabric. Anyway I had started the quilt top almost 4 years ago and finally it's done. The pattern is 'Riptide' by Erla Gudrun.

I used this quilt to practice my FMQ skills. I quilted a five leaf flower which echoes the pattern in one of the fabrics. I was aiming for random placement of the flowers, however, found that I was not doing a good job of quilting evenly. I switched up my strategy and used the pieced blocks as a guide to get an even placement of flowers.

This ensured that I did not leave any large areas un-quilted.

On another note, notice I took the picture inside the house. I thought of taking the picture outside but the last time I attempted it I found that all passers by stopped to look and it made me extremely conscious. I found myself turning red and almost wishing I was invisible. I miss the isolated backyard that I was so used to taking pictures in where no one was around. Short of me driving the quilt to an isolated spot I find taking pictures outside my house attracts more attention than I can handle. How does everyone else manage? Any pointers or I should just get over it and do my thing??

More about this quilt here.


  1. So nice to have this wip finished. And just go for it with the outside photos. ;-) I've probably gotten a little too bold, but the light and unique settings are so great, I just go for it!

  2. Doesn't it feel good to get this quilt completed? Even if your taste in fabric have changed, it's been lingering for far too long. Great idea to practice FMQ. It's a great quilt for snuggling on the couch.

  3. It's hard to finish quilts that we have fallen out of love with, so congrats on making the best of it and getting it done. About taking pictures, I agree with Debbie, just go for it. The more you do it the less it will bother you. You never know you might meet some interesting people. I've been known to knock on complete strangers doors and ask for permission to use their property for a photo shoot.

  4. Good job wrapping up this UFO! :) FMQ practice is always a great idea! I love the flowers. I say do what makes you feel comfortable, but give outside another shot at least? Maybe find a place where there aren't so many people?


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