Sunday, August 12, 2012

Putting selvedges to use

I just about had enough selvedges to use for a small project. Started out by attaching them together to get a selvedge fat quarter so to speak. After I was done I did some internet browsing and realized that you have to sew them on a backing fabric. Since I hadn't done that, I got a piece of double sided interfacing and fused a piece of muslin to reinforce the back of the fabric. 

Then used this to create the front of the cushion cover.

A trained eye can immediately spot that the selvedges are not parallel to the seams but I guess you live and learn. Used an existing cushion cover as a guide to stitch a zipper on the back. Easily done.


  1. Hey - I know that pillow! Love it :)!

    1. Ah I see you found my blog. I got a neat one in exchange ;)

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    I loved your pillowcase up there. Thank you visiting my blog.


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