Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hand quilting

Finally settled on hand quilting the top I completed last week. The fabric is very sheer and the usual cotton batting seemed too bulky for it. Using a tip from our discussion on batting at the quilt guild a few months ago I used a pale yellow quilting flannel as batting. I think this will give the quilt a nice drape. Also IMO machine quilting sounded too harsh for this fabric, so hand quilting was the alternate choice. I got a 14x14 hand quilt frame, a ball of DMC Perle cotton size 5 thread in dark red and got started.

Haven't quite worked out the quilting pattern in my head but will improvise as I move along. I can be brave like that. :)


  1. That's just gorgeous! I love the look of hand quilting. So time consuming...waiting to see how it looks when finished.

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  3. Beautiful! Where did you get your frame (are the available at most craft stores?)

    1. I got mine from Amazon as I did not find the time to drive to a fabric store. But I did see it Joann's last time I was there.


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