Monday, July 30, 2012

Bernina 440 QE FAQs

I have pretty much read the Bernina 440 QE manual cover to cover but found that not everything is covered in the manual. I am still waiting to hear back from the dealer on my free classroom session. In the meantime I have accidentally discovered a few things which can be handy:

  • The bobbin winding speed is controlled by the stitch speed lever. Always wind the bobbin on a lower speed to get consistent stitch length. 
  • The machine displays a little oil can after 180,000 stitches. Apparently I crossed that mark so found some proper instructions to clean and oil the machine.
Will keep adding to this as I stumble across more surprises.



  1. Hard to tell what surprises are in the manual! I had my new machine for a year before I knew that I could design my own stitch! Can I do it? NO! Does your machine have a Stitch Regulator on it? I've heard of some newer machines having one. Mine doesn't.

  2. I am a nerd that way, I read the manual :)
    My machine does have stitch regulator. The sewing machine dealer said I will outgrow it soon, but till then it's very handy.


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