Monday, September 11, 2017

Learning to Crochet - IV

Having crocheted mainly with acrylic and cotton I now diverted my attention to more non traditional fibers. My mom gave me some scrap cording from her projects. It is actually metallic silk covered cotton cording for bags.

I made some small pouches with these. They look so dressy. I am still waiting to find appropriate zippers to finish them.  I used only one type of stitch to make each pouch. I like this better than a more patterned look.

I would like to source more of this cording, but cannot seem to find it anywhere. I am open to recommendations if you know where I can get more. An accent pillow made with this would be great.

Next I looked towards using finer cotton thread and make some doilies. Frankly doilies are not my thing. I don't really like the look but to give it a try I made a place mat using a tutorial from Purl Soho.

And a tiny one for my bedside table.

I think I am done with doilies for now...attention strays to a new project......

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