Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mid Atlantic Mod - III

So much worth reporting occurred at Mid Atlantic Mod that I decided to break my posts up into smaller bits so I could say everything I wanted to.

Anyway for this third post on the event, I made bee blocks for two good friends of mine and hand delivered it to them at the event. First one for Jess who also happened to be my roomie at the event. She had asked for any block with flying geese. Once again her block was open to interpretation and she has been receiving some very interesting flying geese blocks.

And the second one for Liz who I met for the first time. She had driven all the way from Maryland and it was so good to meet her in person. It was almost as if we had all known each other before and had to pick up from where we last left off. So much for online quilting friends.

The interesting thing about sewing for someone right in front of them is the instant feedback you get and its always fun sewing for friends. They love everything you make.:)

I also took two workshops at the event. Both happened to be by Melinda Newton which wasn't planned, just happened. The first one was 'Making your own paper pieced pattern'. Very informative and I need to get cracking on making some of my very own paper pieced patterns. She has some great tutorials on the subject on her blog.

The second one was 'Piecing tiny improv houses'. This was my tiny improv  house, however I think I need to go tinier.

There was a ton more that happened at the Mid Atlantic Mod, but I am going to sign off here. All in all I am glad I went and a big thank you to Jessica Levitt, Andrew Joslyn and Katie Blakesley for all their hard work organizing this.

There are a lot more pictures from the event on Instagram. Search for #midatlanticmod With all the microblogging long blog posts are becoming less frequent.

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  1. Your blocks are fab! That house is adorable. It really is more fun sewing with friends. ;)


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