Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mid Atlantic Mod - I

The anticipation of attending Mid Atlantic Mod had been building up for a while and I could not be more excited then when I packed all my sewing stuff into my car on Friday morning and headed to Lancaster. I had high expectations in terms of the amount of sewing I was going to get done and was excited about the prospect of meeting all my sewing friends in person. Well the outcome was a bit different. 
  • Amount of sewing done - 0%
  • Meeting quilting friends - 100%
  • Shopping and eating - 100%
  • Just hanging out and having fun - 100+%
When I returned home on Sunday I was exhausted from having too much fun;)

Nevertheless in my mind it was a very fruitful weekend. My absolute favorite part of the event was the tote bag swap. I don't think I have felt this excited about receiving something. This is the tote I got which was made by Robin.
It's absolutely great. Even has a tag holder and she added the wonderful detail to the handle strap. Love it. The tote I made went to Natalie from the DC guild and I am glad she liked it too. 

As you noticed its sitting a bit lopsided, that is because it is stuffed with fabric from all the shopping. 

Trust me I showed a lot of restraint and mainly bought low volume fabric that I was running low on. A few other indulgences did occur but I was quite good for the most part. My favorite buy was the Lecien voile that I will turn into a Tova top some day. Thanks Liz for parting with some of your Riley Blake Geeky Chic fabric. Owe you one. Anyway these are my new additions to the stash.

That leads us to the inside of the tote. Now you know how timely and exciting it was for me to receive this tote.

To be continued........

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  1. You got my bee blocks done (so 5% sewing, lol!). It was great to meet you!!! Hopefully even though you are heading west, we can hang out again sometime 😃


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