Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of Y-Seams and Precise Piecing

At our last guild meeting, Liza-Prior Lucy taught us how to create the perfect Y-Seam. She was kind enough to cut up a bunch of very precise diamond pieces for us to practice with. I was so thrilled to have learnt something new that I could not wait to try it for myself. 

And viola - my tumbling blocks!

Tumbling block - front

Tumbling block - back
Not bad for a first timer. This is what is possible when you have a good teacher.


  1. Very nice, isn't it fun to learn something new!

  2. WOWEE! Those are absolutely perfect. Great job. I haven't tried those yet - you are inspiring me!!!

  3. These look great! I have not yet attempted to try these out, hoping I can find a good teacher like you did.

  4. These look great, well done! :-)

  5. They look amazing! They are such hard blocks to get perfect!


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