Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 13

There is no significance to the date April 13th but yesterday I looked into my lovely Martingale calendar and realized I have had only one quilt finish for the year. 

I was planning to go to the CNJMQG sewing retreat and put in a dent in some of my unfinished projects which too did not materialize. Sigh!

Anyway I had been chipping away at my nine patch quilt which was supposed to be an easy finish till I decided to add thin 1/2" sashing between the blocks inspired by this quilt pattern. It added a lot of complexity to the piecing. I had to be super accurate to ensure the blocks lined up correctly in the center. Joining the long strips to make the final quilt top required a lot of pinning but it all came together.

The color distribution was a lot harder to manage as I was joining the blocks together. I had them arranged well initially but as I picked each block and walked over to my machine the orientation of the blocks started to get a bit mixed up. After a while I stopped stressing about it too much. Anyway hope to get this quilt finished soon.

More about this quilt: here & here

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  1. It's coming together nicely, the sashing really makes it unique.


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