Sunday, February 10, 2013

Using the snow day wisely

I have not felt this strapped for time in a long time, so yesterday's snow day was a boon. I used every minute of it sewing :) This time I started yet another quilting project. The other two pending projects: spider web quilt, sawtooth start quilt are going to take some time and effort to complete. Instead I worked on an easier project for some quick gratification.

I had a layer cake of Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket from Moda that I had received at Christmas. I paired it with some Kona Natural and a quilt began to take shape.

The quilt is going relatively quickly. I love the muted colors of the fabric, it goes very well with the rustic look of Kona Natural.

I have most of the blocks sewn. Hopefully I can have one quilt finish for February.

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  1. I know how it is…I love when somehow I have extra time and get to do something just like this. Your new quilt is coming together quite nicely. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you have it all pieced together. I hope you had a wonderful time sewing it. I get great pleasure when I'm sewing.

  2. I've made this pattern and it does go together quite quickly. Sometimes we need something that doesn't require our total attention. Looks great, waiting to see how you quilt it!

  3. Very pretty! Cute line of fabric! I did exactly the same thing in the snow. I think starting something new/unexpected is what makes sewing so much fun :)


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