Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Paper piecing anyone......

In the new year I decided to tackle my first block from the Lucky Stars BOM that I have signed up for. I have decided to make the 6.5 inch blocks as I like the look of smaller blocks. 

Well let's just say this exercise was not for the faint hearted in spite of the great step by step instructions provided with each block. I have made two sections so far and hopefully it will get easier as I move along. I decided to use my stash of batiks for the bright saturated colors. Small blocks in these colors will make them pop.

To add to things I sliced right through my cutting mat. Wonder if this has happened to anyone before. Is it just the quality of the mat or that I am really pushing down too hard on the rotary cutter? Maybe I should invest in an Olfa mat this time around. Anyone have any views on that?

I am progressing well on the Madrona Road Challenge quilt. I have decided to make a lap quilt with the fat eighths we received. Here is a quick preview

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  1. Love the Madrona Road quilt. I've actually never seen a cutting mat split like that? I'm in the process of moving so no Dancing Stars for me until the end of the month!

  2. I too really like your Madrona Road quilt. What fun it must be to make.

  3. I like the fabrics and blocks used in Madrona Road quilt. So modern.

  4. Glad you have started your Madrona Road Challenge - I'm not sure where to start with my bundle!

  5. It will totally get easier!!! Your block pieces look great so far :) And as for the cutting mat business, I had the mat you had, and upgraded to an Olfa back in the fall of 2011 when the lines were wearing off, and so far, my Olfa has not only taken a serious beating from how much I use it, but it's held up beautifully. Good luck! Love your Madrona Road quilt so far, too, I am really excited to kick off my local guild's challenge this month :)

  6. Wow! I've never sliced through my cutting mats, and I sure put some major pressure on sometimes. Mine are Olfas. Don't know if it's a brand thing, or maybe I'm just a weakling. ;D And hang in there with the paper piecing. It *does* get easier as you go along.

  7. I've never sliced through mine either but I'm sure something will happen along the line! Haha. Mine is Fiskars so if/when that happens, I'll probably upgrade. LOVE the design you made with Madrona Road - you should post your progress to the flickr group if you haven't already! The MQG keeps posting about it on FB :)


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