Sunday, May 22, 2016

AMH Feather Bee Quilt

In January of 2014 I had requested AMH feather blocks in jewel tone colors from my bee mates as part of the Scrapbeelicious bee. I promptly received the blocks by fall of that year, however the completion of the project was put on the back burner. This year as I tackle my ever growing WIP list, it was time to see this project to completion.

I decided to align the blocks in the center of the quilt and add low volume fabric on the sides to get to a respectable full size bed quilt. 

I had two extra blocks which I adjusted on the back with assorted low volume fabrics from my stash.

For the quilting, I fell back on my go to square stipple pattern. I love the texture it produces. It covers the quilt quite densely but at the same time leaves it soft enough for everyday use.

 A scrappy quilt calls for scrappy binding. This was a great opportunity to use up my collection of leftover binding from the previous quilts. Unfortunately I still have enough to bind a few more quilts. :)

I love how the feathers pop in the neutral background. While I was taking pictures of the quilt my neighbor even commented that from a distance it looked as if the feathers were stuck on the wall as the background blend with the exterior paint color. Hmm maybe I should convince them they need a mural on their wall. ;)

This quilt has a great homey feel to it and look forward to snuggling under it while I remember all the lovely quilty friends who made it possible. Very thankful for each one of you.


  1. This is really lovely. I like your use of the low-volumes with those colorful bee blocks!

  2. This looks great! Love the quilting too! Free motion, right? I'm still scared to do a quilt with free motion. Love how the feathers pop!

  3. Love it, love the feathers. Is it a free pattern on her site?


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