Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Double Pocket Pouches

Over summer I was a bit obsessed with the Double Pocket Pouch pattern by Aneela Hoey and had a fun time picking out fabrics and zippers to make these pouches. It was a great way to pair fabrics which you normally would not. I ordered a bunch of zippers from ZipIT and their bold colors add a unique element to the pouch.
With the warm weather and no air conditioning it was hard to sit at the sewing machine for an extended period of time so these pouches are the perfect small project for a hotter days.

They are perfect for stowing you EPP projects or stashing charging cables or catch-all for knick knacks. 

I made one using hand dyed Indian fabrics and one with Echino fabric as gifts.

I see a few more of these in my future. Let's see how many more before I get sick of them. :)

More pouches here. If you are on the fence about making one I encourage you to definitely give it a try.

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