Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Paint Chip Challenge Quilt

Seattle MQG is organizing a Paint Chip Mini Quilt Challenge where each one of us was given a paint chip and we had to come up with an 18" x 18" mini quilt. I was fortunate to get two paint chips and this was my fabric pull. I could not believe it that I had all these fabrics in my stash. #sewmystash2015 for the win.

Then using a nifty new iPad app, that I have been extensively using lately, I drew up an initial design. 

And this is what it looked like once I was done.

I found the back far more interesting than the front.

Since the front was very busy I decided to use a simple wavy stitch on my Bernina (stitch #4) for the quilting. It's barely visible on the lighter fabric.

I am looking forward to turning this in next month and seeing what the collective display of all the quilts looks like. Will post a pic when that exhibit goes up at Drygoods Design in June.


  1. Ooooh love the colours you got! The small squares add a lot of interest to this quilt - the yellow/green is one of my favourite colours to sew with. Great finish!

  2. This is beautiful. I love your colors too!

  3. what an interesting challenge, you got the colours I would have chosen! I like your design, it fits in well with the brief.

  4. Very clever, with a dynamite result. What a fun challenge! Yes, it is crazy you had all those fabrics just waiting for you in your stash!


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