Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dead Air....

This blog has been ignored just like my sewing for a few months now. The move has had it's share of surprises and frustrations. Re-establishing routines, down sizing, Last but not the least, a steep learning curve at my day job. All these things have taken up much of my energy and attention. 

In the meantime to satisfy my quilty cravings I have
  • Connected with Seattle MQG. A very fun bunch of quilters. Can't wait to get more involved with the on going activities. I have been to two meetings now and have been blown away by the quilts I have seen so far.  
  • Been reading a lot of quilting books. I am now itching to make some items from them. Some of the ones I really liked are:
  • I have been also been keeping up with my Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) exercises. I haven't been posting my designs as this has turned into more of an experiment for me. I have been playing a lot with color and form. I will probably write up a few posts on what I have learned so far.  I have also gotten more comfortable with Electric Quilt Design Software (EQ6). It has some quirks but I think I am getting a lot more comfortable with it.
Leaving off with some of my recent experiments.


  1. Pretty! I really like your 'experimentation' with EQ7 - I think any of those choice would be amazing sewn up as a quilt. Hope you settle in comfortably soon and have some time to sew.

  2. So glad you hooked up with SMQG and that we met at the last meeting! I especially love the bottom row of your 'experimentation' - lovely!! I'm wondering if I should put EQ7 on my Christmas list - do you highly recommend it?

  3. Ummm jealous that you and Debbie get to hang out in real life! Your designs are enchanting. I especially love the bottom ones!


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