Friday, May 30, 2014

Weddings and Quilts

Two of my closest friends are getting hitched this weekend. They strictly said no gifts, so decided to make them something handmade as a token of our friendship and a celebration of life in general.

I started it last Sunday inspired by this table runner and some encouragement from Jess and Neva. First I scored the perfect set of solids in rainbow colors from my stash. One must never undermine ones stash!! :) For the background paired it with Kona Coal and Dictionary Print in neutral by Tim Holtz for the back to keep things a bit masculine.

 I quilted it in straight lines using Aurifil #50 wt thread in gray that I got from the Massdrop group by. It was a perfect match.

For the binding I used Text Print in black by Violet Craft from the Madrona Road collection.

And a first for me an actual label on the back. I got these printed from Spoonflower recently. I like the layout but am not too thrilled about the printing. It looks a bit dull. I don't know if it is my choice of fabric or the text is too small. I have to refine it a bit more.

I added a sleeve on the back and it is ready to gift.

I am posting this today because I know they don't read my blog and besides they are too busy with the wedding prep.


  1. This really zings, the bright yellows and greens on the grey leap out. The construction is clever- it looks simple but there's a lot of work there to make it look artfully scattered!

  2. So clever! Love the bright colors and the quilting!

  3. I love this! It's so stunning with the bold colors!

  4. that is just fab! I'm sure they'll love it


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