Sunday, March 9, 2014

HST Quilt - II

On the coat tails of my last finish, I got cracking on the second HST quilt top. This is IMO a more girlish version of the first one. These quilt tops were completed last year but were pending completion. I love the spring colors on this one. Yellow definitely brightens my mood.

I quilted it in straight lines identical to the first one but bound it using a light gray chevron fabric to mix things up a bit. The fabric did not have a selvedge so I am not sure what fabric it was. For the back I used one of my favorite DS fabrics. I had enough for the entire back. Hmm need to restock.

I had a hard time photographing this quilt. I guess my camera did not like the lack of contrast between the white and yellow. I had to totally switch everything to manual mode, even then the pictures were a bit blurred. Any tips on taking pictures with low contrast fabrics?


  1. I agree. I like the softer colors in this one. Could be the girl in us!

  2. Just beautiful! I love the bicycle wheels in the fabric.

  3. The color combination on this one is lovely Rachel! It is beautiful! :)

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