Sunday, January 12, 2014

A memory filled t-shirt quilt

My first finish of the year has been a very special quilt for a friend of mine. This project was one we started way back last year, a quilt to commemorate her swimming accolades from high school. Some how after some initial flurry of activity earlier in the year it became a UFO. As my resolution for this year - to re-visit my WIPs and with a little bit of insistence from her we got cracking on it once again.

Finally a good day to take some pictures. Here against the bleak winter sky the quilt really stands out.

I am happy to report the quilt is 100% made from her well loved t-shirts even the binding. We pieced all the left over bits as binding.

Looking at it, I cannot imagine how much of a trip down memory lane it must be for her to have a comprehensive look at all her high school swimming events and relive the good times. As for me this was my first truly collaborative quilt and I enjoyed every minute of it. So much better than quilting alone.

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