Saturday, March 16, 2013

NJ Quilt Show

A few weeks back I did manage to drop in at the NJ Quilt Show in Somerset for a short time. One of the highlights of the show was I tested a few long arm quilting machines for the first time. Wow, very different from quilting on your home sewing machine. Makes FMQ a lot easier especially the ones with the start and stop button on the handle. I did not fancy the computerized ones, preferred the manual ones. A lot more skill needed with those.

There was a fabulous display of quilts at the show. There were a ton of Kaffe Fasset and KF insprired quilts which were just a riot of color. I always love seeing his quilts.  

And then around the corner I saw this. A quilt by our very own Lee Burnham. Of course I am totally skipping Liza...her quilts are synonymous with a KF show. Excuse the poor photographs, I used my phone.

The details on some of the quilts was amazing. I specially liked these two.

My sewing machine is back from thrilled to have it back. 

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  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. That's too cool about Lee's quilt. Hopefully our guild can have our own quilt exhibition one day!


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