Saturday, December 8, 2012

EPP Cushion Cover

Last night finally finished up the EPP pillow cover I had started as part of the Sewing Confrontations blog series. 

The quilting on the hexagons was something I had seen done on one of the blogs. I cannot find that blog anymore to give proper credit. At last I found it here. It gives a nice texture to the pillow. For the back I used Valori Wells - Wildfield in citrus.

Recently at work they had a seminar about taking pride in your work...a lot of corporate chatter but one thing I got from it was good workmanship. Even aesthetic is subjective but not good workmanship. The reason I mentioned this was because I sealed all the seems on the inside with binding. This way there is no fraying at all and makes one sturdy pillow cover.

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  1. This came out gorgeous! I LOVE the quilting and the backing fabric is perfect!!

  2. Love the way the fabric graduates down the pillow, and great workmanship! I've seen really pretty projects with really bad workmanship and that takes away from the over all project.

  3. What an amazing pillow. It is beautiful! In fact, looking through your blog.......your work is wonderful!

  4. This is a really lovely pillow, and that's the perfect backing for it. :)


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