Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reusable grocery bags

I have been using the standard issue reusable grocery bags for quite some time now and they were desperately in need of a wash. After a quick spin in the washing machine they looked disastrous and quite a few seams fell apart. Instead of buying a new set decided to sew my own which would be a lot more sturdy and washable.

Snagged some outdoor fabric from the end of summer sales currently going on and made a few bags with the help of this tutorialThe fabric is 100% polyster so it frays easily and the seams have to be reinforced properly. I made the bags a bit smaller than the dimensions in the tutorial. They are the same size as my current grocery bags. I think it is a good size. The bag in this tutorial is fairly big and would get too heavy when filled with cans and bottles. I kept the width the same but reduced the height for the top piece to 9.5"  and 7" for the bottom piece. So far I have made two bags continuing with the rest.

I used a denim needle - size 18/110 and C&C dual duty all purpose thread. Made the bags with different strap types just to experiment. Plan to make each bag a bit differently. Keeps it interesting. While making these bags I was impressed at how easily the Bernina sewed over bulky seams. Like a knife through warm butter. Ah the power of a good machine. :)

With a short strap

With the strap running along the side of the bag. 
These bags are pretty sturdy and not too shabby looking. The fabrics shown here are:
  • Richloom Solarium Outdoor Solar Praline (solid brown),  
  • Richloom Solarium Outdoor Sumter Ikat Vineyard
  • P Kaufmann Indoor/Outdoor Conservatory Garden
Linking up to Sew Happy Geek and off to make some more.

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  1. So cute! I love the two prints you chose and like the idea of using outdoor fabric. They look like they'll hold up very well!


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