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I am not much of a gadget person but do own and use all the basic quilting tools on a regular basis. Here is a review of some of the tools I use. Hopefully it can be of help to fellow quilters. I know I certainly had a lot of questions when I started purchasing quilting paraphernalia. I usually research the item before making a purchase and tend to pick things that will last a while. I do not tend to buy something just because I am bored of the current item or if something is cool and new. :) I will try to add to the list on a regular basis and would be interested in hearing your feedback on the same.

Sewing Machine: Bernina 440 QE

I absolutely love this sewing machine. I had blogged about it when I bought it. I have been using it since March 2012 and my views on the features I use the most.

  • Sturdy construction and a workhorse
  • Small throat space
  • All metal parts
  • Responds well to regular maintenance and oiling (It was an investment and would hate to abuse it)
  • Very easy to change presser feet
  • Expensive
  • Since it's a model that was manufactured for 14 years by Bernina and I bought it just around the time it was discontinued, I think this model has no kinks. They have had plenty of time to fix any issues if they did exist.
  • No automatic thread cutter
  • Hands free system, very handy when quilting

  • Bobbin can be changed without removing the quilt

  • Very precise and consistent stitch length

  • Variety of specialized presser feet available

  • Very good walking foot with guide

  • I also have the BSR system, great tool for a beginner at FMQ

  • Bright light. I have not found the need to supplement it with any other light

Iron: Eurosteam Next Generation

I used a Rowenta Professional iron for almost 10 years before it sprung a leak. I did like this iron a lot. It was a great all purpose iron and in addition to quilting I used it to iron my office wear too. It did both the jobs really well.

Recently I purchased a Eurosteam next generation at a quilt show. You can read more about it here.

Sewing table: Sew Ezi Portable table

You can read more about this table by clicking on the link above. It is a compact sized portable table for everyday sewing. I highly recommend it, if you are looking to get a sewing table for a small space.

Disclaimer: The opinions presented here are mine and mine only. I have purchased these items on my own and have not been compensated or influenced in anyway by the vendor or the re-seller. I do not have any affiliations with them either.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the Bernina. I'm in the market for a new machine and am collecting info so I can make an informed decision.


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